Intra-gastric Balloons




A gastric balloon can assist in weight loss, without the need for surgery. 


Gastric balloons are made from durable plastic, are spherical in shape and filled with water to a volume of between 500 and 700mls, depending on the type of balloon; about the size of one and a half to two Coca-Cola cans.


On average, with an intra-gastric balloon, patients will lose 10-15% of their bodyweight. The balloons create a sense of fullness and reduce appetite, allowing patients to eat less and lose weight. Specialist dietetic support is needed to achieve optimal results and help maintain weight loss, after the balloon.



Types of gastric balloon 

Streamline patients have a choice of the Orbera 365TM Balloon or the ElipseTMballoon. The two systems differ in two ways. The Orbera Balloon is placed in the stomach, by endoscopy, under sedation while the Elipse balloon is swallowed by the patients, without a procedure.


The Elipse balloon, remains in the stomach for four months. The Orbera balloon can stay in the stomach for up to 12 months, 365 days, before it has to be removed.


The weight loss with each system is similar, but the Orbera 365 balloon does help with maintenance of weight loss, for longer. 


Both systems are effective, but there are some patients who are not eligible for the Elipse system. Our dieticians and clinicians are very well trained, and can help patients, to choose, the system, which best suits them.


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