Weight Loss Surgery

Which Operation Should I have?

The Best Operation

There is no best operation

Each operation has pros and cons, which need to be considered.

Patients should be helped to choose the operation, that best suits them, based on:

  • Patient expectations
  • Age, BMI, Obesity related Illness
  • Diet
  • Past dietary success



A Weight Loss Consultation

My aim in a Consultation is to:

Understand the patient's expectations of Weight Loss Surgery

Build a Medical Profile of the patient based on:

  • Age, BMI 
  • Obesity Related Illnesses (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis etc)
  • Success Dieting, Dietary preferences, Eating BehaviourR

DIscuss each procedure and which type of patient profile it is best suited too.

Choose a procedure and discuss the benefits and risks of that procedure

Patient Expectations

This is the most important factor to be considered. Every patient is different.

  • Some patients know which operation they want, some do not.
  • Some patients want to lose as much weight as possible.
  • Some patients want the best operation for their diabetes.
  • Some patients know they want an intra-gastric balloon and do not want permanent WLS
  • Some patients know they cannot diet and want an operation, that forces them to change
  • Some patients can diet, but want a tool to assist them with maintaining that weight loss.

It is my job, to take all of these factors into account and help you choose the most appropriate procedure for you.


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